Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In resolving clients’ requirements, our in-depth legal expertise & strategic alliances with local and regional law firms strive to provide clients with the most effective legal advice and representation. For the past five years, our consultants have been actively involved with relevant areas of legal jurisprudence. They have represented both business and individual clients in a wide range of dispute resolution proceedings.

Our proficient lawyers can handle a variety of diversified matters relating to:

  • Preparing, court filing or arbitration cases
  • Witness hearings
  • Conclusions and pleadings
  • Appealing against sentences
  • Debt collection

We are pleased to offer our clients a flexible fee structure, including hourly and contingency fee agreements in select cases. Should you require the assistance of an attorney, please feel free to contact us or send an e-mail to: contact@mcwaldenbailey.com