Tax & Accounting

Tax & Accounting

The firm has a proficient team of accountants who are pleased to assist and provide clients with the relevant information to meet special tax & accounting needs. We provide our clients with a full range of taxation services levied on business transactions (a juristic person) and on individual persons. Our tax & accounting services also include tax-free, taxable mergers, acquisitions and joint venture arrangements.

Our consultants can help capital investors, banks, insurance companies, lending investors, finance and investment companies, stockbrokers and dealers in securities and foreign exchange and other financial institutions in honoring equitable and practical tax obligations.

Tax registration

  • Corporate tax
  • VAT registration
  • Foreign director
  • Social fund


  • Monthly social tax
  • Monthly withholding tax
  • Monthly VAT filing
  • Half-year corporate tax
  • Annual audit
  • Financial statement
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll processing

We are pleased to offer our clients a flexible fee structure, including hourly and contingency fee agreements in select cases. Should you require the assistance of an attorney, please feel free to contact us.